Renovis - Advanced LED System

We live in times of great progress of civilization and technology. Civilized societies are characterized by increasing demand for raw materials and energy. A simple thing that was light a few years ago, recently has become a separate branch of industry, a separate department of technology, and during the last years universities and research institutes started to train stuff specialized in the design of modern, intelligent products, which they set one primary goal — THE LOWEST ENERGY CONSUMPTION. Our company has signed agreements of cooperation with scientific research units and emphasizes the development of indigenous solutions in this field.

Progress in the development of lighting can be seen since the 90s. At this time there were found efficient light sources of sodium and metal halide, which, as it turned out, were burdened with some disadvantages. Sodium lamp does not render the colors very well — it reflects only 40% of the original colors. Metal halide lamps were characterized by high failure rate and short time efficient and cost-​effective operation, just about 4,000 hours. The beginning of the XXI century is also the beginning of the development of LED technology. It was considered that the light sources based on LED chips should be durable, energy efficient and cheap to maintain. LED technology came into use in lighting at a time when it crossed the magical barrier of 60 lm/​W. Currently obtained values are approx. 100 — 140 lm/​W, and forecasts for the development of LED technology predict obtaining 400 — 500 lm/​W in 2050.

In the near future LED technology will dominate the market for outdoor, indoor, industrial and road lighting due to the following benefits:

  • Versatility of usage, large energy savings (up to 70%) resulting in the reduction of CO2 emissions
  • More efficient lighting parameters to increase comfort of work (visibility is much better than provided by traditional bulbs)
  • Durability – LED diodes are characterized by the long service time in excess of 100.000 hours
  • LED light sources do not contain any toxic and unsafe substances, which could negatively affect health and the whole environment
  • Eye-​friendly white LED light — thanks to high color reproduction, eyesight does not get tired so fast
  • The possibility of choosing the color temperature of lighting between 1600 K to 6000 K
  • The elimination of all disadvantages of sodium and mercury lighting (glow time, the time of re-​ignition, UV and IR, harmful wastes)

To participate in these changes, Renovis company has specialized in energy-​saving light sources for industrial, sports, traffic, public and commercial lighting. We offer our help with:

  • Designing and modernization of lighting using the latest tools
  • Choosing the most optimal sources of lighting based on LED technology
  • Maintenance and installation of lighting.