Road lighting - ensure safety for road users

Road lighting is one of the most important areas in which LED dynamically displaces classic luminaires. The choice of LED guarantees a significant reduction in electricity bills, and at the same time offers better parameters of luminous flux. It is not a surprise that LED road lighting is currently the best alternative when choosing street lighting. Replacing worn-out, easily failable sodium lamps with LED luminaires significantly improves the safety of traffic participants as well as aesthetic and effective illumination of the street. Renovis TAURUS luminaires, made of the highest quality components, guarantee trouble-free maintenance for many years.

Renovis TAURUS is a series of road luminaires designed to significantly reduce energy consumption and improve the quality of street lighting, which translates into the safety of both drivers and pedestrians. Excellent color rendering index improves the quality of vision and distinguishing details on the road and around it. A wide selection of available power options and color temperature allows you to perfectly match the lighting to the customer’s needs.