Lighting of sports facilities and sports halls - an amazing highlighting of events

Sports facilities lighting

The popularity of sports and recreation facilities is growing every year, they are becoming an important element of our cities. To provide athletes with the best conditions to practice or fans and spectators to watch sports competitions, choose the right lighting for sports facilities. It allows the competition to take place at any time of the day, as well as it creates an amazing visual setting.

We offer high-quality LED based illumination of sports fields and sports grounds, which will be perfect inside and outside the buildings. The solutions, which are worth to put in lighting sports halls or on ice rinks, are Renovis CORVUS luminaires.

Lighting for sports halls

Renovis CORVUS is a series of modular LED floodlights made for lighting sports fields and sports grounds. It is equipped with modules based on TX LUXEON diodes with high performance light parameters and IP68 protection rank, providing complete resistance to dust and water. Each LED is featured with a suitable lens shaping the light beam and eliminating the need for reflectors.

Renovis CORVUS floodlights, due to its high durability, energy efficiency, and flexible configuration, are exceptionally well suited for lighting sports facilities, as they seamlessly meet all restrictive lighting standards and norms. They can also be successfully used as high-bay luminaires for lighting industrial halls and other large surface areas or open areas.