Store lighting - highlight the value of the exhibition and attract the customer

The arrangement of store space is as important as the products and exhibition. Store lighting is designed to provide the right amount of light to customers. properly selected lighting system makes it easier to move around the building and rises the value of the exhibition, which increase the chance to interest the customers.

LED technology fits perfectly into these assumptions and also reduces energy costs (up to 70%). A perfect way to enlight the store are LED panels from the Renovis GEMINI series. Special technology makes the light from the panels free of the glare effect and shine uniformly over the entire surface. This way you can forget about the disadvantages of traditional lighting, i.e. flickering or long startup time. In addition, Renovis GEMINI LED panels do not contain harmful substances, including poisonous mercury vapor.

Shop lighting based on LED technology is also more durable (lifetime is more than 50,000 hours!) and allows to choose a color temperature from 1600 K to 6000 K.