Outdoor parking lights - create a safe space for drivers and pedestrians

When creating a parking space, the safety of drivers, passengers and pedestrians is a priority. Therefore, regardless of whether you are designing over-ground or underground parking, you need to pay special attention to the lighting of parking lots.

Renovis offers you LED car park lighting that meets all high standards and will allow you to create a safe parking space. LED technology grants much lower energy consumption (up to 70 per cent. compared to traditional lighting), and a longer lifespan. LED light sources do not contain harmful substances, and it also emits eye-friendly white light that does not tire the eyes as much as the traditional light.

We approach each of our clients individually – that’s why we offer you comprehensive services. In addition to consulting in the matter of technology selection, we provide you with measurement and lighting audit services. We will also help you with the installation of your chosen parking lighting.