Illumination of pedestrian crossings - a higher level of security

Illumination of pedestrian crossings is extremely important, finally the safety and comfortable movement of traffic participants depends on whether the passage will be well-lit. Above all, the area of waiting and crossing the road should be adequately illuminated. Also, the section of the roadway before and after the walkway must be lit up so that the drivers can easily see the pedestrian even in the evening hours.

LED based lighting of pedestrian crossings proposed by us will be perfect in this situation. Not only will it allow you to properly illuminate the pedestrian crossing, thanks to which you will guarantee safety to road participants, but also have other advantages that are worth mentioning.

LED technology can significantly reduce energy consumption, which translates directly into lower CO₂ emissions. LEDs are extraordinary durable and their white light is friendly to the human eye. It is also worth mentioning that they lack of harmful and toxic substances – using LED for illumination of pedestrian crossings helps you protect the environment.