Agricultural object lighting - use LED in agriculture

In animal breeding light plays an important role, animals are susceptible to its effects. The optimal color temperature an brightness of lighting is dependent on the type of an animal. The choice of lighting strongly affects behavior of the animal, as well as it affects the efficiency of production. The same applies to growing crops under artificial lighting – individual species prefer different environmental conditions, including the type, power and color of lighting. In such cases, LED technology is highly reliable – it helps to increase productivity, while allowing to minimize electricity consumption.

Because of its measurable benefits, lighting based on LED technology is becoming more and more popular in the agricultural sector and food industry. Advanced lighting systems are mainly used in chicken coops, cowsheds, pig farms and piggeries. In our offer we have lighting which were created especially for those areas. Renovis FARMER will be perfect choice for those purposes.

In addition to large energy savings (up to 70 percent), LED technology also eliminates all disadvantages of traditional lighting. Very common, though undesirable occurence is flickering of light which happens when using a fluorescent or incandescent lighting source. It affects animals’ behavior, they are getting more anxious and nervous. By choosing LED luminaires to illuminate agricultural facilities, you can eliminate this factor and create more favorable environment for the animals.