Lighting of tunnels - lower costs and higher efficiency with LED technology

When choosing lighting for tunnels, you should consider several factors. First of all, the lighting must work continuously, and its intensity must be appropriate so that the human eye can easily adapt to the change of light at the entrance and exit of the tunnels. Also, it can not be forgotten about issues related to energy consumption – lighting of tunnels should not generate large costs, and at the same time it should have a lifetime as long as possible. Tunnels lighting based on LED technology meets all these factors.

We offer you Renovis WALLPACK tunnel floodlights, which are built based on LED technology and MeanWell power supplies. It is a modern replacement for traditional, energy-consuming metal halide floodlights. High light parameters and solidly made housing with IP65 ingress protection guarantee reliability and stable luminous flux at high humidity and dustiness occuring in tunnels.