Industrial lighting - reduce costs and optimize operations

Appropriate lighting can affect many aspects in the industry. It allows to reduce electricity bills and provides comfortable working conditions, which affects the efficiency of employees and guarantees them health and safety at work. This way your company gains a competitive advantage.

In our offer you will find high-bay industrial lighting made based on LED diodes. These are modern and high-efficiency light sources designed for lighting production halls, warehouses, assembly lines, large-area shopping facilities, training halls and other sports facilities. By choosing solutions based on LED technology, you gain many benefits, including high energy saving, eye-friendly LED light and a wide selection of color temperature of lighting.

The Renovis LYNX series are equipped with top-class components – CREE XML 2 / Lumileds LED diodes, MeanWell / Inventronics power supplies. High quality assembly guarantee significant energy savings and trouble-free operation for many years.