Illumination of bicycle and walking paths - high level of security with the lowest possible energy consumption

High level of security, increased orientation or visual effect – among other things, these issues are influenced by well-chosen lighting of bicycle and walking paths. To provide these elements it is worth choosing path lighting based on LED technology. You not only guarantee passers-by and cyclists a high level of security, but also reduce the cost of energy consumption.

LED luminaire series Renovis Taurus is the perfect way to illuminate cycle paths, which an increasing number appears in our cities. The luminaire’s power has been selected to provide adequate light intensity and increase the level of safety with the lowest possible energy consumption. Taurus luminaires prove themselves perfectly well with the lighting of walking paths. A wide range of available power and color temperature options allows you to perfectly match the lighting to the customer’s needs, and excellent color reproduction improves the quality of seeing and distinguishing details on the path and around it.