Renovis LYNX A

Renovis LYNX A

The LYNX A series are professional industrial luminaires, adapted for wide use in all types of industrial facilities, workshops, halls, warehouses. Thanks to the use of reflectors, the glare stays under full control – the luminaires of this series will also perform well in the role of high-bay as well as low-bay. Luminaires in LYNX A series are equipped with a robust, efficient heat sink, enabling continuous operation in demanding industrial conditions. Even for 60,000 hours (approximately 15 years of normal use), they generate savings while working without any visible loss of luminous flux.

The LYNX A series consists of models of LED luminaires adapted to work with various types of DC power supplies. As a result, choosing only one suitable light module, we can offer a wide range of available power options, reaching up to 200 W. Ther resulting advantage is also a small illuminating surface of the luminaire. In each of the variants we guarantee the highest quality, latest LED components, for which we provide a 5-year warranty. In addition, thanks to a flexible approach, we can offer the customer an economical variant precisely selected for the designated area, while ensuring that he will not spend adittional money for redundant parameters that he does not need.

The main advantages:

  • Can be used as Low-bay and High-bay
  • Control over the glare coefficient and light distribution using a reflector
  • An efficient heat sink that guarantees long-lasting, trouble-free operation
  • A lot of available power power options of the luminaire with just one light module
  • Small illuminating surface
  • Attractive price of the luminaire, adapted to the client’s requirements.

Technical characteristics

Series Renovis LYNX A Light output >110 lm/W
Available powers 50W, 100W, 120W, 150W, 200W, 250W Color temperature 2700-​3200K, 4000-​4500K, 6000-​6500K, RGB
Used LEDs CREE XML 2 Color rendering index(CRI) 80
Driver MeanWell Beam angle 45°, 60°, 120°
Input voltage AC 85-​305V Working temperature od –40°C do + 45°C
Driver efficiency >>90% Storage temperature od -25°C do + 55°C
Power factor >0,95 Ingress protection IP44 /​IP65
Harmonical distortion <9% Warranty / Lifetime 5 years / >50000 hours

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