Renovis SPORT ARENA are modular LED floodlights dedicated to large-scale sports facilities.

Sport events, these large and small, must be properly prepared and organized to provide fans an unforgettable experience. Proper lighting of the playing surface is an extremely important factor, because it is the sense of sight that mostly affects positive reception of the spectacle.

Good lighting means that no detail will go unnoticed by the audience. Well chosen color of light and properly high color rendering index will provide the most natural lighting ideal for dynamic sports games, making each element of the game clearly visible. Control over the glare coefficient allows to enjoy sport for long hours without eye strain, which is very important not only for spectators, but also for athletes. Our luminaires are specially designed to meet all these requirements, and thanks to wide selection of many important parameters, excellent lighting results can be easly achieved even on the most demanding facilities.

Positive feelings will make the fans return to the stands, and the athletes to do their best every time. Renovis SPORT ARENA luminaires are dedicated solutions for lighting sports halls and pitches. Thanks to the adjustment of parameters to the needs, they will work in objects of all sizes. Our equipment and knowledge, which we have, will transform every object into a sports arena of the 21st century.

Main advantages:

  • Easy maintenance – no specialized tools required
  • The ergonomic distribution of light ensures uniform, even illumination
  • An efficient cooling system
  • High color rendering index
  • Highest tightness class – IP68
  • High resistance to mechanical damage
  • Damage to one diode does not affect the work of the others, so there is no need to replace the entire luminaire
  • A wide selection of available light distributions allows you to choose the angle of lighting appropriate for each object

Light distribution curve

Technical characteristics

Input voltage AC100V-240V Lifetime >60000h
Driver efficiency >91% LED manufacturer Lumileds®
Power factor >0.95 Material Anodowane aluminium
Color rendering index(CRI) ≥70 Junction temperature <80°C
Color temperature 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 5700K Storage temperature -40°C~+50°C
Surge protection 4kV Working temperature -40°C~+50°C
Ingress protection Moduł LED IP68, Zasilacz IP66 Air humidity 10%~90%RH
Model Power Lm/W Luminous flux Size Net weight Gross weight
SA-8 320 115 36800 360x360x655 13.1 kg 14.8 kg
400 110 44000 360x360x655 13.1 kg 14.8 kg
480 105 50400 360x360x655 13.1 kg 14.8 kg
SA-16 640 115 73600 680x650x395 36.4 kg 40.7 kg
800 110 88000 680x650x395 36.4 kg 40.7 kg
1050 105 100800 680x650x395 36.4 kg 40.7 kg

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