LED Renovis INDUS luminaires are universal, aesthetic indoor lighting. Functionally they are a round, smaller equivalent of LED panels from the GEMINI family. They have an elegant, neutral appearance, so that fitting them into the existing aesthetics of the room should not cause the slightest difficulty.

Downlight Series Renovis INDUS lets you forget about bothersome flaws of classic indoor lighting, such as flickering, slow lighting up, low durability and high current consumption. In addition, they do not contain any harmful substances and are characterized by an above-average color rendering index. The opal diffuser prevents glare and the light is completely harmless to the eyes. Thanks to these advantages, INDUS luminaires will prove to be a reliable source of light in offices, corridors, shops, lounges, galleries and other public places, where both the efficiency of lighting and the visual aspect are important.

Main advantages:

  • Elegant, minimalist look
  • No UV radiation or flickering
  • Immediate light to full luminous efficiency
  • No substances harmful to people and the environment
  • Eye-friendly light with different color temperatures
  • High color rendering index.

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